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The new Book ON Brewing

The Shape of Brewing

The Book

Not long ago beer was seen as a commodity, an everyday drink ready to refresh and ease our minds from daily life stress. Fortunately, through some pioneers, beer’s status changed.
This is our time.

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Before the book there was a blog. A blog that explored beer and fermentation. A blog that translates to words, words to beer. A compilation of fun moments that help shape the future.

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The main objective is to teach how beer flavor can be shaped. By providing means for the brewer to be able to elaborate unique recipes. Removing fears and concerns about using unique ingredients, techniques and products. It is assumed the reader is familiar with the whole brewing process, and that good quality and stable brews are achieved consistently. This book is aimed at widening the brewer’s horizons, offering a pole for that first vault jumping.

Therefore, throughout this book we’ll be reviewing where inspiration can come from, how to apply it to the beers to be, discussing techniques and processes where flavor can be impacted, shaping it to reflect our own intentions. Training the thinking process is crucial to come up with unique concepts and creations.

Exploring and presenting theoretical brewing ideas and trials that the brewer is encouraged to conduct on their own. It can be seen as the school’s exercise book, but one where you cannot look for the solution in the back. You will need to find it for yourself.

Paperback and Ebook now available on Amazon worldwide.


Welcome beer lovers.

Since a tender age, I’ve cultivated an interest in food and drink, fermentation at front and center. I have been within the food and beverage industry for the last 12 years with no plans of change.

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The Shape of Brewing

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Soon you will get to know who’s orchestrated this evil plan, breaking boundaries brewer by brewer.

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