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The Shape of Brewing

A Guide for the Mindful Brewer

Jorge Tomé has since a tender age cultivated an interest in the food and drink, fermentation at front and center. He’s been within the food and beverage industry for the last 12 years. Beer was the aggregating element, a curiosity quickly turned passion where he was able to translate his experience.

For over 4 years he helped shape the craft market and industry in Portugal playing a crucial role as Operations Manager within the country’s leading craft brewery.

Today he assumes the position of Head Brewer at an irreverent craft brewery in the Netherlands, and carries dreams of making the world a better place, one carbonic maceration at a time.

A guide to Mindful Brewer

The Shape of Brewing

A provocative approach on techniques, recipes and approach to beer. Challenges to both the amateur and professional brewer. Shaped to push beer beyond its limits, creating a memorable experience.