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This beer celebrates the new book: The Shape of Brewing. The author also happens to be the head brewer of Moersleutel Craft Brewery. To make this beer even more special Jamil Zainasheff was invited, an icon on the craft beer scene in the US and friend of the brewery. It pours dark red, scent of bread and caramel with a light floral note from the noble hops. Drinks intense, lightly smoked and lingers with a medium bitterness. A look at the past to embrace the future.

Together with Jamil and the Moersleutel one of the beers discussed during the book is now turned reality. Adam meets Kuit tells a tale about two styles that not much is known abou – Koyt and Adambier.

The first, where not even the name is certain, has a Dutch heritage. A blend of different grains that offer a copper colored beer. Generously hopped and boiled for endless hours for developed complexity.

Adambier is even more obscure, not surprising given the amount of undocumented styles originating in Germany. But a beer of the same name was however popularized by a modern craft brewery in the US. this part of the tale pays homage to the memories that last.

Moersleutel made the dream come true, words turned to liquid, a story and beer that communicate together. The perfect pairing to enjoy the book and be inspired for future brews. You can find both the book and beer here.