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About the Book

    The Shape of Brewing, a Guide for the Mindful Brewer


    During 2022 just felt right to fulfill a long shelved desire. Write a book. It was an ever delayed challenge, daunting and frightening. At first it was, clueless where to start. Fortunately enough the topic was clear. Beer comes without saying. But it was more than that, it was creativity, it was flavor, it was technique. All that defines how beer flavor can be shaped and defined by the brewer. And, we, are the brewers.


    At first it all felt inocuous. Punching keys in a laptop, character by character it all started to make sense. To me, at least. But it wasn’t for months until that bunch of characters started to materialize into something bigger. In a midst of fragility and shame it was difficult to make the project public. It was only at the time my editor, the guy no one has ever heard but will never forget about – Paulo Custódio – that it took off. In his, unique, style he showed reserved enthusiasm but that was enough to drive my passion even further. Here we are.

    Sure. What’s next?

    Boring stories apart. What is all this? It’ll be a book. When? Hopefully December. We’ll see. I hope to see it published as much as you want to read it. More information will follow in the upcoming weeks. In short it’ll be as insightful as buying me a beer, each day, for a year. But without having to deal with me. Great, right?

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    A guide to Mindful Brewer

    The Shape of Brewing

    A provocative approach on techniques, recipes and approach to beer. Challenges to both the amateur and professional brewer. Shaped to push beer beyond its limits, creating a memorable experience.