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    Resources that inspired The Shape of Brewing, a Guide for the Mindful Brewer.

    To write words, words need to flow. Years of reading books, listening and thinking words. How humans communicate, store and share knowledge. Hundreds of books were needed to give birth to one. Inside the book an homage is paid to breweries who helped pave the way, same had to be done to authors around the world who went great lenghts to share their knowledge.


    Michael Tonsmeire wrote the quintessential book on modern sour beer. His work set the foundation that inspired thousands of brewers. More than just a collection of recipes and processes it was the perfect tool to wide brewers horizons, inspiring them. A collection of brewing methods inspired by traditional methods, employed by innovative brewers.

    Michael Tonsmeire set himself as an incortornable figure in the craft beer world, homebrewer who turned probrewer, blogger, beer judge and contributor to different maganizes and podcasts.

    American Sour Beers is a must-read, find it here.


    The Homebrewer’s Almanac is a disruptive book, leads homebrewers and probrewers to think differently and embraces the surroundings, focusing on locally foraged, fresh ingredients. The beers lean towards savory, culinary, incorporating ideas and concepts most brewers wouldn’t even dare considering.

    Scratch is a reference like no other in brewing world, roots that tie them to a place, a location. The perfect harmony between old and new, traditional and innovative.

    All their knowledge shared here.

    Lars Marius Garshol work is a defining moment for beer history. In an era where information reigns it sounds nearly impossible that there’s yet secrets hidden.
    Historical styles, obscure references from brewing regions, we’re seen it all.

    But there was more, there was a secular tradition of farmhouse brewing in northern Europe. Lars Marius Garshol unfolds tales about traditional brewing, reviving techniques lost in time.

    A true masterpiece, preserving years of tradition and knowledge that otherwise would be soon lost. Everything is available to read here.

    Scott Janish on the New IPA defines the modern IPA. Through compilations of scientific articles, real-world anedoctes and his own obsession on data this book consolidates knowledge about hops and their use in IPAs.

    A self-published title from a passionate blogger, writer homebrewer and brewery owner.

    Scott Janish helps brewers pushing the limits to brew the best India Pale Ale. Everything is available to read here.

    If there’s one book on food and cooking you should get, this is it. Don’t expect a typical recipe based book. On Food and Cooking, Harold McGee covers food in all angles possible: gastronomically, biologically, chemically, historically, culturally.

    Complete and robust, an epic piece, that survived the test of times. Builds foundations for anyone interested in flavor.

    Food and science combined, all in one place, all in this book here.

    Craft brewing thrives on passion. Passionates all over the world left carrers behind to embrace the world of brewing, hobby turned profession.

    It was an explosion, thousands of small breweries opening every year. These brewers seek education, while some are able to get it does not reach all professionals.

    While most brewing books focus on homebrewing, The Beer Brewingg Guide offers a complete overview for the junior brewer. Explains from an operational and scientific perspective. If your brewery doesn’t have a welcome manual handbook, gift this one instead, here.

    A guide to Mindful Brewer

    The Shape of Brewing

    A provocative approach on techniques, recipes and approach to beer. Challenges to both the amateur and professional brewer. Shaped to push beer beyond its limits, creating a memorable experience.