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Interview Script

The Shape of Brewing, a Guide for the Mindful Brewer

Hi, thanks for accepting the invitation. It’s a pleasure having you jumping on board, granting your insight to make this publication richer.
The interview consists of 5 short questions (about 100 words, feel free to elongate if needed) that help exploring some of the themes presented in the book.

The form it’s made to answered in a desktop computer.
Below you find the script if you prefer to answer through e-mail.

Interactive Form

Are you ready?

Interview Script in text:

Brewery Name

1 – Who are you and what defines your brewery?
2 – What inspires the beers you brew?
3 – What’s the most unusual beer you ever brewed?
4 – What is an ingredient or technique that you look forward to trying?
5 – Where is the craft beer market headed?

Each brewery will be featured in the website and showcased in social media. Once the the book is ready to ship I’ll be in touch to send you a complimentary copy.

Regarding the interview, it will take a few weeks to collect and treat the information, as it is processed I’ll message you a draft to be reviewed before being finally added to the manuscript. Small adjustments in the text may occur but I want to make sure the meaning is not twist by any means.

Once again, thanks for accepting my invitation, I’m grateful to feature alongside your brewery.
Hopefully, one day, we can grab a beer and discuss the book.