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    Resources that inspired The Shape of Brewing, a Guide for the Mindful Brewer.

    To write words, words need to flow. Years of reading books, listening to podcasts and thinking words. How humans communicate, store and share knowledge. Inside the book an homage is paid to breweries who helped pave the way, same had to be done to hosts around the world who went great lenghts to share their knowledge.

    the brewing network podcast

    The epicenter of brewing podcasts. Highlighting one in particular would be ungrateful to the remainder. Justin, and all the other resident hosts, provide a worldwide service to craft beer. Shows range from beer styles, food pairing and complex sour beer fermentations, a 360 degree view on beer. A place where every brewer can learn more about beer, doing it in a entertaining way. Check their shows here.

    master brewers podcast

    Dense, serious and scientific. Not your average podcast show for casual listening but undoubtedely one of the most insightful resources the brewers has access to. Professionals from all over the world feature in the podcast, covering any imaginable topic about beer and brewing. Serious topics, for the serious brewer looking to take the leap and profissionalize his brews. All this made free for the listener. Over 250 episodes, it’s guaranteed to keep you occupied with thousands of hours of original content. Listen to it here.

    brulosophy podcast

    A name that surely rings a beel to every brewer, Brulösophy. Known by their side by side exBEERiments and triangle testings. But the page as grown, now it can be followed as a podcast, in fact, two different shows within their own sphere of existence. One show with the crew discussing varied topics and Brü Lab where guests dissert about beer related topics. Check their shows here.

    The Brülosophy Podcast

    The Brü Lab Podcast

    the belgian smaak podcast

    Breandán Kearney guides us through the belgian beer world. Demystifies what for most people is a complex world. In a journey to better understand Belgium, Breandán travels through the country on a narrative driven journalism, sharing stories with people that share one passion, beer. More than just beer, it’s culture, tradition, places and people. A complete journey through a country that has embraced beer and brewing as part of its core. Listen to it here.

    qeum bebe por gosto podcast

    While you’re most unlikely to understand a word of what’s being disucssed here, unless you speak portuguese, Tiago Lopes captured the essence of portuguese craft brewing. Once a brewer, now putting his talent in good use, communication. He’s journey may have moved his face away from the microphones and cameras but the portuguese craft beer legacy is perpetuated. Check his show here.

    on strategy showcase podcast

    Brewing is more than just great beer, great people and great locations. Beer is made of great brands, brands able to move people, brands able to connect people. Beer gains a new dimension when branding is added to the game. On Strategy Showcase is a podcast ran by Fergus O’Carroll, who invited brands from all over the world to share the strategy behind the work. While not beer related allows us to be inspired about brands and how to build one that makes an impression. Listen to it here.

    A guide to Mindful Brewer

    The Shape of Brewing

    A provocative approach on techniques, recipes and approach to beer. Challenges to both the amateur and professional brewer. Shaped to push beer beyond its limits, creating a memorable experience.